Alone in a Untamed land


Hi today I will be talking about my library book. It is from the school st-lawrence.  It is called Alone in a Untamed Land. It’s about a girl named Helene St-Onge. It’s from a series called Dear Canada. I will give you a sneak peak of the story.

 (I stood on the deck and watched France disappear in the mist. Catherine stayed inside the ship, below, the Captain calls it. But I had to watch. Hers were tears of joy. “I am going home” She said.)

 If you were wondering, the book is a novel. It is an interesting book. One of my good friends Heaven is reading the same book. She will be writing about it too. If you want to learn more you could visit her blog at  Well that is all for today. Would you read my book? What kind of book do you like to read?

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Hi Anushka,

I find that the book (The new girl) seems like a very interesting book. I just bought a new book called Scarlet and Ivy it is a horror book. Its about two girls that are twins and one of the twins is not well so she had to go to a asylum. Anyways i hope you keep on writing about this wonderful book.

That`s it for now

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March Break

Hi, today I will be talking about what I did in March break.

During March break I went to a place called Clip in Climb. It is a place that you go rock climbing and there are different things but anyways that is what I did one day.

After that I went to Oasis Surf. If you don’t know what that is it is a place that they teach you how to do surfing. If you don’t know what surfing is it is a sport that you go on a surfing board and you surf the waves.

And then finally I baked a cake for my grand-ma because it was her birthday. I went to a cottage and I spent three days there. I went sledding walking with my dog and we played board games it was really fun !!!!!

Have a great day !!!


The Incredible Story

It was a dark stormy night there was a handsome prince and an good elf. The handsome prince was kind loving and caring but he wasn’t the smartest person. But on the other hand there was a nice elf he was loving caring but instead of handsome he was ugly. So one day they’re was a wicked witch that just moved in next door to the good elf. The good elf lived in a small rural town. And the handsome prince lived in a castle in a forest. Continue reading

Dork Diaries

dork-diaries-2_-tales-from-a-no-rachel-renee-russellToday I will be talking about my book Dork Diaries. I already wrote a micro post about the same book but know I will  be writing a revue about Dork Diaries.

When you first pick up a dork diary book it is always about a girl called Nicky and she is always being picked on by a girl called Mackenzie. The story is always at her house or at her school.

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Hello world,

Today I will be talking about skiing. I went skiing this weekend and I will also be talking about a ski I will be having with my class February 23 2017.

This weekend I went skiing at Bromont they had the maple syrup on a stick if you don’t what that is I will explain. It is a tray of snow that you put maple syrup on and the syrup is boiling hot so when you put it on the snow it becomes harder so it is like a lollipop made of maple syrup. I stayed at the bromont until 10:00 at night.

For the skiing trip we had a choice of doing skiing or tubing. I chose skiing because I love skiing my friends Maria, Heaven and Hermione are going skiing too.

What would you chose skiing or tubing?

Dork Diaries

15250299922_56eb763f77_bToday I will be writing a mini revue about the book called Dork Diary. It is a book about a girl that is writing about her life in a journal that is almost all she writes about. Anyways she is a very nice girl her arch enemy name is Mackenzie she has brown hair and she is dating the guy that Nicky likes just to make her jealous! She is not a nice girl.

Do you read Dork diary’s if so do you agree that she is a mean girl?

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Harry Potter Is Awesome !

21133017753_e1c58b135f_bToday I will be talking about Harry Potter if I were him? If I was Harry Potter I would be very unsatisfied. Because I hate how mean Dudley treats Harry Potter. When Dudley gets his uniform for smeltings (which is a school) he gets a poking stick and he always smacks Harry with it and he also has a little club called Hurting Harry. Continue reading