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dork-diaries-2_-tales-from-a-no-rachel-renee-russellToday I will be talking about my book Dork Diaries. I already wrote a micro post about the same book but know I will  be writing a revue about Dork Diaries.

When you first pick up a dork diary book it is always about a girl called Nicky and she is always being picked on by a girl called Mackenzie. The story is always at her house or at her school.

Nicky is a kind sweet girl because she helps people with math and when she gets picked on she stands up for her self. I like people who stand up for them self because they have courage. So I would be very happy to be her friend.

Do you read dork diary?

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Sophie and I really like the Dork Diaries series too! Come and visit my blog sometime!
    From Sophie
    P.S just search up Sophie’s fabulous blog for my blog to come up!😊

  2. I love dork diaries I have a book at my house! It’s the same one Tales From The Not So Popular Party Girl. Also I read to the 7th one. I wish you added more of these stories. I wonder if you could come visit my blog at: Thanks don’t forget to comment!!😉

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